The main part of NMCW consists of the first, second and third floors, which totally cover an area of 7,554 m2 and houses the lobby, basic display, themed display and special exhibitions. The museum has been insisting on the three-close principle (close to the reality, close to the life and close to the people) to put on the exhibitions, which not only shows the visitors the origin, development and evolution of the Chinese characters but also enables the visitors to interact with the museum. Taking full advantage of the spatial structure, color matching and sound, light and electrical facilities, the museum provides a sort of exhibition atmosphere with distinctive themes, clear clue of thoughts, rich contents and prominent highlights, which, in combination, reflect the basic development history of the Chinese characters and make the museum a landscaping dictionary for the people to learn about the Chinese civilization.

  The lobby of NMCW is located on the first floor, with the overall design implying the concept of “Round Sky and Square Earth” in the traditional culture and the surrounding embossments showing the development history of the Chinese character carriers, the Chinese calligraphy, the surprising show-up of the oracle bone and the prosperous development of the characters of the minority nationalities.

    Themed display: The display themed “One Piece of Oracle Bone Surprises the World”is a special display of NMCW. Located in the North Hall on the first floor, the display consists of four sections, including “Show-up of the Oracle Bone”, “Scientific Excavation”, “Practicing Divination”and “Interpretation of Words”, clearly showing the processes of the discovery, excavation and study in terms of the oracle bone with completed and accurate information. 


   National Museum of Chinese Writing (NMCW) is a state-level museum constructed upon the approval of the State Council for preserving, showcasing and studying the cultural relics. November 16, 2009 witnessed the grand opening ceremony of the Museum and the presentation of Li Changchun, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC, Liu Yandong, member of the Central Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC and State Councilor, Chen Zhili, vice chairperson of Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and chairwoman of All-China Women’s Federation (ACWF), Chen Kuiyuan, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and president of Chinese Academy of Social Science, and Xu Jialu, vice chairman of the 10th Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and other leaders of CPC and the country. Li Changchun announced the opening of NMCW. Liu Yandong, on behalf of the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council, gave an important speech.

   Situated in Anyang, Henan, NMCW is a post-modernist building cluster combining the modern architecture style and the Shang Dynasty’s court design. Phase I of NMCW, covering an area of 81 mu with a building area of 22,700 square meters and gross investment of 397,51 million yuan, consists of a main hall, a square and a Character Archway, mainly for cultural collection and presentation. Phase II of NMCW, covering an area of 175 mu with a building area of 32,000 square meters and a budgetary investment of 319,80 million yuan, mainly consists of a Scientific Research Center, a Science Popularization and Exchange Center, the world most authoritative language, information and data center, a Hall for Learning Oracle-Bone Inscriptions, the Character Culture Show and Exhibition Center and culture and art parks including the “Sea of Learning” and the “Mountain of Characters”, focusing on academic exchanges and scientific researches.

  Character Archway, an icon building of NMCW, will catch your eyes immediately upon access into the Museum.